2.0 Job Responsibilities

i)Provide support in MIS operations;

ii)Manage, maintain and update the programme MIS;

iii)Coordinate and assist the programme team and other relevant staff members in regular data updating on PINS MIS;

iv)Troubleshooting of MIS when and where required;

v)Update the MIS according to the needs of programme reporting;

vi)Maintain and update database as per changing requirements;

vii)Add Reports using Microsoft SQL Reporting, Crystal Reports and HTML based dynamic reporting;

viii)Ability to make changes to Frontend of MIS application which uses SVG Graphics, ASP .NET Web Forms framework, JavaScript and JQuery;

ix)Assist with troubleshooting any problems faced by any user of MI;

x)Maintain close liaison with RSPN IT/MIS section and SUCCESS MIS Officer on overall MIS related matters;

Any other tasks assigned by the Supervisor/Management. 

3.0 Required Qualifications, Skills and Experience

3.1 Education:  BS or Diploma in Computer Science or Diploma in IT or in relevant field from a recognised University/Institute.

  1. Experience:
  • Experience in working with GIS / MIS based applications.
  • Full Stack Engineer from Database operations to Frontend development.
  • Skills of managing and maintaining databases and backups.


  1. Skills:
  • Strong Programming Skills in the following Languages and Frameworks
  • Strong Analytical Skills
  • Ability to understand and build on Key Process Areas
  • Good command in C# and ASP.NET language to enhance MIS application.
  • Good command in JSON and XML based web services implementation and their usage.

       Following technical skills are mandatory:

  1. C#
  2. ASP .NET Framework
  3. LINQ / Lambda Expressions
  4. JSON and XML Based Web services
  5. JavaScript / JQuery
  6. HTML / CSS / SVG
  7. GIS (Geographic Information System)
  8. IIS Web server deployment