Field Engineer

Job Description

Girls Lower Secondary Education Programme (GLSEP)


Job Title:                                Filed Engineer

Working station:                   District Tharparkar

Reporting to:                         Field & Training Coordinator


Position Requirements

  1. Mandatory (Qualification and Experience)
    1. Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering or Diploma in Civil Engineering.
    2. Minimum 03-year work experience with NGOs/INGOs. Experience in construction related project.
    3. PEC Registration is obligatory.


  1. Main Responsibilities
    1. Field Engineer will responsible for Construct/repair classrooms in prioritized schools.
    2. Field Engineer will responsible for Contract /repair washroom in prioritized schools.
    3. Field Engineer will responsible for Construction/repair, water and hand washing facilities.
    4. Field Engineer will responsible for Provision of furniture for students.
    5. Field Engineer will do Social appraisal for project recommended in prefeasibility stage.
    6. Field Engineer will responsible for preparation of detailed proposals including BOQ, drawings of projects and finalization of schemes.
    7. Field Engineer will execute and monitoring of project completely at field level regularly.
    8. Field Engineer should be skilled at managing technical work of projects at field level.
    9. Field Engineer will maintain record of project at Field Unit level.  Like keep record of disbursement of schemes installments and maintain complete file of CPI schemes.


  1. Knowledge, skills & behavior
  2. Good written and verbal communication.
  3. Good resource and time management skills. 
  4. Sound knowledge and expertise on AutoCAD, MS Word, Excel, Power point, MIS, required.
  5. Maintain good communication with beneficiaries and other stakeholders on the field
  6. Willingness to travel frequently.