Program Assistant-Micro Health Insurance

Job Title: Program Assistant-Micro Health Insurance

A Programme assistant micro health insurance manages a number of financial factors for patients. He/she often must have prior experience in health insurance in addition to computer and communication skills. 

Principal Responsibilities:
Programme assistant micro health insurance carry many different responsibilities, which include reviewing patient records using medical coding procedures. He/ She examine the claims and verify insurance eligibility, as well as record any medical charges and other payments or adjustments. Programme assistant micro health insurance is also responsible for detecting any coding errors or performing any modifications needed.
Other responsibilities include assisting patients in obtaining and understanding medical benefits. In the office, communication with other medical staff members/medical centers and health insurance providers often occur. He/ She will also be responsible for updating any internal databases, which electronically store and organize patients’ records, billing details, and registration forms

Programme assistant micro health insurance will generally skilled in many areas of medical billing, including claims and payment processing, medical coding, and medical terminology. Knowledge of computers, data entry, e-mail, and the Internet is essential. He/she may also need excellent oral and verbal skills, as well as the ability to multi-task and assign priority levels.

• Minimum 2 years working experience & training in relevant field.
• Preference will be given to previous experience in the health insurance sector.

Skilled Required:
• Excellent communications and presentation skills
• Ability to adapt to change quickly and multi-task.
• Able to work with and through people.
• Able to work under pressure.
• Problem Solving.
• Excellent Interpersonal skills.
• Knowledge of Region.

Only short listed candidates would be called for interview. Equally qualified Females candidates are encourage to apply and would be given preferences.