Manager Finance

Job Description of Manager Finance


1.                   Job Title:      Manager Finance

2.                   Reporting Structure:


The Manager Finance will report to the Chief Executive Officer (TRDP) at Mithi, and will be part of a team aiming to work in participatory and in non-hierarchical way.

  1. Job Purpose:

The central purpose of the job is to help in developing a master`s strategic financial document as a basis for programme development and to ensure overall sound financial management systems in TRDP. (S) He is also responsible for entailing the proper, transparent. computerized budgeting, financial and accounting systems and plans ensuring long-term sustainability are in place for annually expected from various donors to TRDP. The TRDP Board will appoint a reputable firm of chartered accountants as financial auditors the Financial/accounting system of TRDP would be redone according to needs of the TRDP and donors to confirm to the internationally accepted accounting standards, as is the is the usual practice and requirement in Pakistan.

  1. Principal Responsibilities:

To support in budget preparation and strategic planning and ensure implementation of financial control system guiding the TRDP management to effectively monitor the use of approved budget ensuring cost effectiveness the principal responsibility also entails to maintain and prepare financial reports according to the set procedures and liaise with all donors and field operation units of TRDP

4.1 Specific Responsibilities:

  • Responsible to ensure efficient accounting/ financial systems in TRDP
  • Be highly conversant with TRDP`s financial policy and follow day to day instructions received from Board/ management in this respect.
  • To provide financial management and other support as  and when required.
  • To develop and maintain financial systems of the TRDP Head office at Mithi
  • To train the staff of filed operation units in maintaining their accounts
  • Co-ordinate with the partners offices in Pakistan.
  • Initiate the process of preparation and submission of annual and mid-year budgets according to TRDP guidelines and get them approved from the
  • Supervise the financial transaction of money received and spent within the financial policies of TRDP
  • Ensure the implementation of financial control systems to monitor the appropriate usage of approved budget, for the purposes agreed by donors
  •    Prepare all financial records and submit monthly accounts for TRDP to the management
  •    Checking their accuracy and presenting them for approval by CEO. It is the responsibility of the finance manager to sign off the accounts before sending it to the-competent authority or board or donors.
  •    Notify Partners about alt the expenditure incurred on behalf of all projects as agreed in partnership agreement
  •    Do the bank reconciliation monthly and cash reconciliation fortnightly. CEO will also do the later on a spot check basis.
  •    Monitor and check accuracy of TRDP's bank account, ensuring that sufficient funds are available. Notify CEO and donors f additional funds are required.
  • Support TRDP in developing project budgets, review the financial aspects of the proposals developed by TRDP and give his/her comments regarding validity with TRDP's rules /regulations and procedures.
  •     Check and verify the submitted accounts of the TRDP field units. Also, visit them with the primary aim of helping to build financial capacity, as well as for the financial monitoring /audit purposes.
  •     Ensure periodical audit of accounts and prepare balance sheet for public print document such as annual reports.
  •     Ensure timely releasing of funds to respective units which is subject to the receiving the previous expenditure reports. However, its schedule will be decided mutually with the consent of team.
  •    Conduct regular staff reviews reporting directly to her/his suggest their capacity improvement plan
  •     Conduct regular training programme for staff and field activists for         promoting social mobilization themes and to enhance their capacity.


5. Policy Development

5.1 Provide inputs to the development and review of TRIP strategy papers

5.2 Assist developing policies on different strategic themes, which will result in     consistent and coordinated approaches across the programme.

5.3 Assist in developing policy document, which will provide the basis for strategy papers and proposals and will he used to help explain TRDP's views to its contacts.

6 Reporting and Donor Relation

6.1 Ensure that the required periodic reports are produced according to TRDP and donor requirements in time.

6.2 Assist TRDP management in developing strong relations with donors and other line departments as agreed with CEO.

7. Representation:

  1. 1 Promote the aims of the programme through clearly focused networking with Pakistani NGOs, international NGOs, Government of Pakistan, multi-lateral organizations, donors, the private sector arid other contacts as agreed with CEO.

7.2 Represent the organization at appropriate meetings conferences and workshops.

  1. Travel

8.1 This role will require travel away from the office of around ten days in a month. Some of this travel may be out of the programme area

        In addition to the above-mentioned duties-the post holder may be 'asked to do other duties. These must be according to her/his capabilities and as agreed with her/his and CEO. If any of the above responsibilities entail long working hour s time in lieu will be considered with mutual consent of supervisor.

Person Specification

The following are qualities, and experience required of the Manager Finance

 Skills and Experience

  • Five-ten years relevant working experience 
  • Excellent person to person communication skills,
  • Excellent computer skills in windows environment, world processing and spreadsheets are required. Knowledge of specific social mobilization tools will be an added advantage
  • Good negotiating skills
  • Good leadership skills
  • Good team facilitator and member
  • Ability to work independently as well as a team member without requiring considerable amount of support
  • Experience of managing staff
  • Willingness to travel, at times in difficult conditions
  • Attention to administration details commitment to high quality work
  • Ability to work under stress and tight deadlines
  • Ability to manage flexible working hours withoccasional evening and weekend work
  • Interested in development issues in Pakistan
  • Excellent understanding of written and spoken English.
  • Command on local languages and dialects
  • Analytical skills and the ability to conceptualize of the pogramme strategies keeping sustainability in view, cost saving and cost-effective ways of working



  • ACCA qualified/ MBA/ Master`s in finance



  • For ACCA qualified and/or Masters in Finance from Foreign reputable University minimum 2 years
  • For MBA with finance as major subject from any University minimum 5 years


  • Understanding of the financial needs of the organization and area community in the development context
  • Experience or institutional strengthening, especially using participatory
  • Experience of helping and implementing development strategies
  • Experience of gaining and managing donor funds