Agriculture and Food Security Officer (AFS Officer)


  1. Agriculture and Food Security Officer (AFS Officer)

2.0  Job Responsibilities

  1. Plan and implement activities for training of staff and VO level entrepreneurs related to agriculture, livestock and fisheries
  2. Regular on job capacity building of community nutrition officers (CNOs) for implementation of AFS related activities
  3. Take lead for implementation of farmer field school related activities with focus on improving capacity of communities for household and community level kitchen gardening
  4. Ensure that poor families receive training and inputs to practice kitchen gardening as per approved process
  5. Work with agriculture department for agriculture extension services and training of small farmers on improved crop production and crop diversification technologies 
  6. Ensure that small farmers receive agriculture inputs as per criteria described in approved project document
  7. Engage livestock department for delivery of livestock extension service in target areas
  8. Work closely with fisheries department for training of fish farmers and implementation of community fish ponds
  9. Work with government departments for introduction of improved varieties of vegetables, crops, livestock and poultry
  10. Close coordination with concerned Accelerated Action Plan Department of   Government (Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries) to link them with LSOs for implementation of their activities
  11. Maintain data of all activities implemented in districts under AFS component and provide support to District Project Officer for preparation of progress reports
  12. Any other tasks assigned by District Project Officer
  1. Required Qualifications, Skills and Experience

3.1 Education:  M.Sc (Hons) Agriculture with major in agronomy or horticulture or any relevant degree in Agriculture. 

  1. Skills: Strong communication skills.


3.3 Experience: Minimum 3 years relevant experience in the field of handling similar projects and programmes.