Wash Officer

Job Description

Programme for Improved Nutrition in Sindh (PINS)


Job Title:                     Wash Officer

Working Station:        District Jamshoro/Dadu

Reporting line:           Project Manager


Position Requirements

1. Mandatory (Qualification and Experience)

  1.         16 Years education in Civil or Environmental Engineering.
  2.         At least 2-3 years’ experience to work with National or International organization on Water and     Sanitation related projects. Having knowledge and understanding on WASH, health and hygiene issues in Pakistan particularly related to PATS and CLTS.  


2. Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1.  Maintain close coordination with Local Government Department and PHED at district level, to build synergies with their programme under AAP and seek their support for programme implementation
  2.         Facilitate key training events especially training of trainers at district level and community level.
  3.  Help in designing training events for trainings of CRPs, VOs/LSOs, Masons, Entrepreneurs, Duty bearers, School Teacher/ SMCs/PTCs, Engineers etc and coordinate with field staff to ensure that these trainings are conducted as per design and schedule.
  4.  Facilitate Orientation of district level stakeholders (including PHED and Local Government) about their role in the project.
  5.  Provide inputs for notification of District level ODF Committees (PHED and Local Government and representatives from District Network of LSOs) and their training of ODF Committees on quality assurance of the process and Post ODF monitoring.
  6.  Facilitate WASH related capacity building events and activities under Project particularly for ODF villages.
  7.  Build the capacity of field teams to facilitate mapping of available water resources/courses through sanitary survey to determine safe water sources, hazards to drinking water sources and Identify the villages where water schemes (bore holes/ hand pumps) to be constructed/ rehabilitated.
  8.  Build the capacity of project stakeholders to implement, monitor and evaluate WASH interventions.
  9.  To liaise and coordinate for the smooth implementation of the WASH activities at community level.
  10. Represent organization at WASH forums at District level.
  11. Provide input in designing and development of Operational manuals for WASH activities.
  12. Undertake field visits and provide technical assistance for field teams in seeking support from District Coordination Committees and Nutrition coordinators for effective implementation of relevant component.
  13. Coordination with WASH sector partners to seek their technical advice for program implementation.
  14. Any other assignment given by District Project Officer
  1. 3. Knowledge, skills & behavior
  2.  Excellent computer literacy level, excellent communication and writing skills. Fluency in local languages.
  3.         Willingness to travel frequently
  4.         Ability to understand and build on Key Process Areas
  5. Experience working within complex matrix based organizational structures