Procurement Specialist

Job Description

Job Title:                     Procurement Specialist

Working Station:        Head Office


Position Requirements

1. Mandatory (Qualification and Experience)

  1.          MBA/MPA, Masters in relevant field.
  2.          Minimum 5 years’ of experience as a procurement officer in a development sector.


2. Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1.              Responsible for Procurement of goods and services as per organization policy guidelines for procurement.
  2.   Responsible for market survey, identifying the vender, right service provider and recommends the suitable vender for subsequent approval.
  3.   Invite Quotation/ Bids/ Tenders through set procedures by (publication /Invitation)
  4.   Scrutinize the quotation.
  5.   Investigate the credibility and reliability of the vender and give recommendations to the approving authority.
  6. Negotiating with suppliers, evaluating them and reporting line manager for updates of procurement.
  7. Reviewing, comparing, analyzing, and approving products and services to be purchased
  8. Maintaining and updating supplier information such as qualifications, delivery times, product  ranges, etc
  9.   To issue purchase order and prepare contract agreement elaborate the terms and conditions to the particular supplier.
  10.   To Inspect, validate and certify the goods and verify the invoices before handing over at the stores.
  11.   Any other responsibilities allocated to the Management.


3. Knowledge, skills & behavior

  1.         Proficiency in Microsoft Office and purchasing software
  2.         Strong communication and negotiation skills.
  3.         Good analytical and strategic thinking skills.
  4.         Strong Analytical Skills
  5.         Ability to understand and build on Key Process Areas
  6. Experience working within complex matrix based organizational structures