IT Specialist

Job Description

Job Title:                     IT Specialist

Working Station:        Karachi Office


Position Requirements

1. Mandatory (Qualification and Experience)

  1.         Education: Masters or equivalent degree in Computer Science/IT from a recognized university. 
  2.         Experience: Minimum 5 years’ relevant experience.
  3. Understand IT related equipment’s software and hardware and have knowledge about latest technologies such as website development and MIS development


2. Main Duties and Responsibilities​

  1. Keep computer systems running smoothly and ensure users get the maximum benefit from them.
  2. Monitor and maintain computer systems and networks.
  3. Install and configure operating systems and required software’s.
  4. To resolve the technical issues related to MIS
  5. To manage MIS super role for user accounts (creation, deletion and updating) trough HR/Supervisor request
  6. Communicate to Staff to support and set up systems or resolve issues.
  7. Troubleshoot system and network problems, diagnosing and solving hardware or software errors.
  8. The tasks can be furnished through third parties, if required
  9. To resolve the technical issue of users in all IT related if required.
  10. Provide necessary IT related guidance to staff for usage of new software’s/MIS.
  11. Any other tasks assigned by the Supervisor/Management.


  1. 3. Knowledge, skills & behavior
    1. Knowledge and understanding of the current and developing strategic information requirements.
    2. Knowledge of current trends and developments in information technology.
    3. Knowledge of financial/business analysis techniques.
    4. Skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities
    5. Ability to develop requests for and evaluate proposals in reference to leading-edge information services technology.
    6. Strong Programming Skills in the Computer Languages and Frameworks