Field Coordinator (FC)

Job Description

Job Title:                     Field Coordinator (FC)

Working Station:        TRDP District Office, Umerkot

Project Title:  Strengthening food security resilience of smallholder farmers by adapting climate change through multi-level approaches of District Umerkot of Sindh Province in Pakistan.

Project Title :  PAK-1098-19


Position Requirements

1. Mandatory (Qualification and Experience)

  1. Minimum Master’s degree or equivalent from the HEC recognized National and International Universities with major subject in Agriculture, Livestock, Economics or similar disciplines.
  2. At least 06 years’ experience of working in Management position with the reputed National, International, Multi-National or bilateral organizations, programme and projects.   


2. Main Duties and Responsibilities

The Field Coordinator will responsible for coordinating, consolidating and ensuring smooth implementation of project activities in field and adherence to logistic, human resource, finance, administration and security precautions. The Field Coordinator develops and implements the integrating all project activities & interventions in field with collaboration of project team. The Field Coordinator provides general support, guidance and serves as focal point during project planning, implementation and reporting. FC will ensure timely execution and completion of project activities in field.

  1. Responsible for overall execution, implementation, control and completion of project activities within logical framework approach.
  2. Orientate and facilitate the project staff about project tasks and close coordinate with project staff, conduct regular field visits to monitor the field activities
  3. Field Coordinator will work 70% of your time in field and field activities to ensure smooth implementation of work
  4. Ensure the smooth execution of project activities in field as per detailed work plan assigned by District Manager/Project Manager
  5. Overseeing the Field management & support District Manager/Project Manager in finances and administration at project office. The Field Coordinator ensures the proper management of finances on the bases of planning, authorization of expenses, for prior approvals from Project Manager etc
  6. Ensure field activities in effective and efficient way and provide assistance and guidance to field teams who perform on-site routine activities
  7. Facilitate monitoring missions in field and arrange community meetings as well
  8. Keep close eye on field teams work plans and progress against targets
  9. Ensure the quality of work in field as per project design and document
  10. Ensure proper interaction and coordination with district Govt. officials, local bodies/authorities, politicians and other stakeholders in the project area
  11. Ensure compliance of all actions required as per contractual terms and conditions
  12. Keep close watch on problems, issues, constraints, delays and conditions affecting smooth implementation of planned activities
  13. Any other task assigned by District Manager/Project Manager


3. Knowledge, skills & behavior

  1.         Possess leadership behavior (Integrity, visionary, Proactive, Motivator & Accountability
  2.         Good written and verbal communication in English
  3.         Experience working in Food Security, agriculture and Livelihoods projects/programs
  4.         Experience working within complex matrix based organizational structures
  5.         Possess excellent interpersonal skills; Good resource and time management skills
  6.         Excellent presentation skills
  7.         Supervisory and managerial skills with proven ability to manage a demanding workload
  8.         Computer literate, knowledge of MS Word and Excel required
  9.         Willingness to travel frequently